Arthur 'Coach Art' Simeon

Head Coach - Owner

“To obtain a goal you have never before achieved will require tasks you have never done before.”

Born on: November 30th, 1986

Started CrossFit in: April 2013

Started CrossFit to: Become fitter

Sports related certificates: CrossFit L1 Certificate - CrossFit L2 Certificate - CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer Certificate - CrossFit Judges Course

Is passionate about: Learning and sharing his knowledge with others & Coaching

His strength: His passion to help others

Katarina “Coach Kat” Strizencova


Born on: April 1990
Started CrossFit in: February 2014
Started CrossFit because: Likes to eat a lot
Sports related certificates: CrossFit L1 Certificate -Preferred Crossfit Gymnastic Course - CrossFit Judges Course
Is passionate about: Learning and challenging herself and others
Her strength: Perseverance and devotion

Katarina started CrossFit in 2014 in Bratislava/Slovakia without any background in collective sports or fitness. She had to learn everything from scratch. “I couldn’t do a pull-up nor a push-up when I started. I know how it feels like, but i also know how to gradually improve and I am more than excited to lead others on this path.”

Her previous passion was horses. She was committed to horse riding and horse care since her 13s. Later on she dedicated her time also to teaching horse riding and doing hippo-therapy with handicapped children. After university studies she switched completely from horse riding to CrossFit, as she got addicted to the sport.

She moved to Hoofddorp/Netherlands in May 2018 and got her L1 certification about the same time. She found a new home at IronBlaze CrossFit.

Nowadays she is a mathematician during the day and a CrossFit enthusiast during the evenings. “Cross-fit brings constant challenge into my life. When you finally achieve a milestone, it just revels three more to work towards.”