Push It!

August 20, 2020 IronBlaze No comments exist


Reservation Protocol:
Class reservations are a MUST upon entry; guests/children are requested to wait outside
Before each reservation check the following; if and when one of below answers results in a positive answer please STAY HOME:
If you have been travelling from an ORANGE CODE country; the government strongly advises a 14-day home quarantine; kindly consult us before reserving your spot
In the last 24 hours, have you had any of the following:
Shortness of breath
Loss of smell or taste
Do you currently have a housemate with a fever and / or shortness of breath?
Have you had the new coronavirus and has it been diagnosed in the past 7 days (in a lab)?
Do you have a housemate / family member with the new coronavirus and have you had contact with him / her in the past 14 days while he / she still had complaints?
Are you in quarantine because you have had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the new coronavirus?
Entrance 5 mins prior

IronBlaze CrossFit – CrossFit Kids


Warm up: Goose-Goose-Duck!

Skill: Sumo Dead Lift High Pull

WOD: 10 Rounds [7mins. Cap]

– 1 Sled Push

– 5x Sit-ups

– 5x Push-ups

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