WOD Tuesday 20/11/18

18 min Amrap
8 Toes to Bar
10m Sled Push (walking)
8 one legged deadlift KB 24/16
10/8 Cal Row / Bike (hard)

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Are you new to CrossFit? Want to know more about it, or simply browsing for a box? We offer four slots of Intro Classes a week for those who want an introduction to CrossFit: Mondays & Thursdays at 17:30 and Tuesdays & Wednesdays at 10:00. Sign up for a free trial and we'll teach you more about it. For those with CrossFit experience, contact us for a free trial, and we'll schedule you for the regular WOD.


The IronBlaze CrossFit On-Ramp Course is mandatory for the individual who wants to train in our CrossFit group classes. The course consists of a series of classes with the duration of 1 hour per class, all by appointment. The On-Ramp class kicks off with an intake of roughly around 10-15 minutes, where you will have a one-on-one with the coach. Together we can determine your goals and set up a gameplan on how we can help you achieve them.


Pick a membership which best suits your schedule. We currently have 3 times a week or unlimited training, both will give you access to all CrossFit classes, including the OLY & flexWOD. All memberships are on month-to-month basis, unless opted for the discounted memberships. If you're having trouble picking one, drop us a message and we can look at the possibilities together.